Le chemin

Designed by Kjetil Aas, sur le chemin is the second shot at independence by the former Norse Projects head of design. Since participating in Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize he has gained some important experience in running a fashion label.


Tell us about your design philosophy.
We consider all aspects of the garment – including aesthetics, comfort, and wearability. It is my vision to create long-lasting wardrobe favourites based on modernity, functionality, and simplicity.


What convinced you to start your own brand?
Leaving Norse Projects in 2011, it was important for me to find a foothold in the fashion industry where I could still see myself in 30 years time. Having been part of the industry since 2005, it became clear to me what needed to be changed – being able to contribute to the shift towards a more sustainable industry. So when the opportunity arose, the development of what is now sur le chemin began.


What has happened since you participated in Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize the first time?
I participated in 2014 with the brand Armoire officielle and gained acknowledgement and growth for the seasons to come. The Armoire officielle store opened in Copenhagen in 2016. However, the brand was moving away from the original principle of slowness and towards the traditional structures of the industry. I teamed up with two new partners; Ed and Lene Renner, and we relaunched in May 2017, under the name sur le chemin.


How do you consider sustainability in your collections?
We strive to slow down the pace and create clothing that are timeless and will survive over time. Around a base of essentials such as the classic white shirt, t-shirts and merino knits, we build the collection piece by piece – presenting the different styles to the market on a regular basis throughout the year. We use sustainably sourced fabrics as much as possible, such as GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled cashmere, and Tencel.