Educated in Antwerp, Freya Dalsjø returned to Copenhagen in 2011 to launch her eponymous womenswear line shaped by a strong fascination of women, physical constraints, and social constructs. Together with a small team of tailors, she drapes and samples her biannual collections in her atelier, allowing for studied and conceptual collections.


What convinced you to start your own brand? 
When I started putting work out, I had no label in mind. As I didn’t complete my fashion studies, I was eager to find another way to learn the various crafts of garment making, the possibilities and restrictions of materials, learn how to sew and make patterns. It is and has been a great frame for practicing. It drove me to conceptualise new ideas and shapes in my studio, presenting new pieces every season since starting out.


What has happened since you participated in Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize the first time?
I participated in 2014, so it's been a lot of hard work, victories and failures, sleepless nights, confrontations, sweat and tears, ups and downs, pushing, overcoming, learning. It’s not an easy ride being independent and dealing with your own and others demands and expectations, but it’s an incredible privilege, ride and opportunity as well, that I am very grateful for and know is rare.

What characterises your designs and products?
I go for high quality natural textiles, mainly sourced from a supplier located next to my production place. What I am able to offer with my production set-up is the customisation and fitting of products, at no extra cost to the client. I am very interested in double faced textiles invisibly finished and after almost a year of searching I have found an amazing manufacturer in Italy who does this to perfection, so most of my work will be produced using this technique.


What can the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize do for you if you win in 2020?
I see it as a great opportunity to gather feedback on my work from a board of professionals that I look up to and respect, and possibly some financial aid to move forward.