A master at sculpting and draping delicate fabrics, Cecilie Bahnsen is on many women's wish list for their next ultra feminine dress. Since launching independently in 2015, she has ventured far off the path of archetypal Scandinavian minimalism, bringing some much-needed volume and colour to the womenswear game.


Talk about the production qualities in your designs and what characterises your products.
I love the emotional appeal of traditional techniques like embroidery and quilting that have been passed down for centuries and I am very inspired by how you can apply the handmade touch and couture techniques to modern ready to wear. To contrast the historical inspiration and the feminine touch that you see in the collections fabrics and embroideries, I always draw on the minimalistic and functionalistic Scandinavian aesthetic I grew up with.


What can the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize do for you if you win in 2020?
Winning the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize would help us to further adapt our strategy to define a more targeted approach, in order to create a world where the Cecilie Bahnsen consumer feels comfortable and empowered by each process of the brand’s offerings.


How do you consider sustainability in your collections?
Our garments are designed and manufactured with a lot of love and attention and are meant to be cherished and cared for, repaired if necessary, shared, lent, but never sent to a landfill.

We choose all our suppliers and producers very carefully; everyone is based close to us in Europe, and we have long-standing relationships with them and know their sourcing and processes well. Each collection going forward will have upcycling built in. We will use any deadstock in the studio left over from the previous collection to create new limited styles, ensuring 100% of the fabric we buy is utilised.