After graduating KADK Schools of Design, Julie Kirstine Brøgger worked in London for JW Anderson, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, and Erdem. Her designs move on the fault lines between feminine and masculine and day / formal wear, reflected in the choice of materials, treatment, and cutting. She continues to live in London, where her Brøgger label is based.


What has happened since you participated in Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize the first time?
Being based in the U.K., which was one of the countries in Europe hit hardest by Covid-19, this period has offered a sombre but crucial time to reflect. We chose to support our local community, especially the London hospitals, by making protective equipment.

We created surgical gown patterns used at pop-up factories around the city and donated our staff’s time and the useful materials we had. We then shared the digital version of the pattern    with hospitals throughout the UK, Europe, and Africa. Big shifts offer opportunities to review, and we have made changes and investments due to this that I believe will see the brand come out stronger.


How do you consider sustainability in your collections?
First and foremost I work with longevity as a core principle. I want the clothes we create to last seasons and years, not just a few months. I always strive to find the most sustainable solution for our raw materials and work with a minimal waste philosophy. We donate any leftover materials to local organisations and schools that repurpose them.


What is the most important knowledge you have gained in 2020?
There are some things in fashion and in business you just can’t prepare for, but opportunities exist in all changes.


What can the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize do for you if you win?
Even though we’re based in London, Brøgger is very much a brand with a Danish foundation and background. Being recognised by the Danish fashion industry is invaluable and a springboard to gain wider recognition. Both the monetary prize and the mentorship program would be pivotal as we continue to strengthen our brand and business during these changing times.