Loved by entertainers and club crowds with flashy tastes, Astrid Andersen's luxurious take on streetwear is as versatile as it is refreshing, with clear references to the world of sports. Her seemingly boundless creativity also churns out daring hip hop-esque fur creations, wild patterns, and silhouettes from far-away continents. 
What characterises your designs and products?
The attention we put into details, fabrics, and craftsmanship is an unconventional
approach to sportswear and casualwear aesthetics. The commitment to luxury in a new product category in relation to a new and younger generation is our key strength.
How do you consider sustainability in your collections?
Our main intention is to create a brand that people buy into for much bigger reasons
that just a garment. It's crucial in today's climate that the consumer buys less and
better and that a real connection to clothing is present, so it doesn’t become a
styling prop but an authentic wardrobe. We only produce to order, which means
we don't overproduce or sit on deadstock. Whenever we work in fur we only
use SAGA certified farmed skins with 100% traceability to ensure animal
What is the most important knowledge you have gained so far?
You have to be willing and ready to adapt to a new normal and find inspiration
and motivation in change. If the core of your business is not gaining strength, it is not the core of your business.
How do you stand out from the crowd in 2020?
I have created an authentic direction for a new wave of products consistently for
ten years and consider myself a pioneer of the sport luxury trend that now
penetrates every single fashion house and is very present in emerging brands. I
enjoy credibility in this competitive aesthetic as a brand that was here before streetwear 
was a buzzword, and which will remain after the hype has moved on.
What can the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize do for you if you win in 2020?
It can provide me with the tools and guidance to understand how best to
continue to explore the full potential of my brand. With no outside investment it
is time to invest in knowledge outside of my capacity in order to understand
future markets and how to build from here.