Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize

A. Roege Hove is the winner of
2021 Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize

On October 28 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, the Wessel & Vett Foundation announced the recipient of the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize, Denmark’s largest fashion award for new design talents.

The first winner of the new Public Vote was also announced.

Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, founder of the prize and board member of the Wessel & Vetts Foundation, presented the award to this year’s winner, A. Roege Hove, who also won the Public Vote.

The four finalists — A. Roege Hove, Berner Kühl, (di)vision and Louise Lyngh Bjerregard — presented their collections and business concepts to an international jury of industry experts who hold a diversity of experience. The finalists were celebrated for their design talent, innovation, creativity, busi- ness entrepreneurship and sustainable vision, a criteria for which they were judged on. This year, the jury were especial- ly taken by A. Roege Hove’s work.


The winner, A. Roege Hove, received a grand prize of DKK 300.000 as an honorary grant and all four finalists were re- warded DKK 10.000 as recognition for their mutual effort and participation.

“What an honour! And what a day! Most of the time I’m in the studio with my small team, alone in our own world. It has been enormously moving to be face-to-face with the jury members, being with them, seeing their responses to the work. I had not expected that at all. Seeing their reactions to my designs means a huge deal to me. The fashion industry is characterised by high pace, and it’s rare that one has the time to dive in deep and develop as a designer. That’s what I will use the money from the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize for, to invest time in our products. I feel so happy. It has been an incredibly touching day.” – Amalie Roege Hove, founder and designer of A. Roege Hove.

A. Roege Hove was revealed as the first ever winner of the Public Vote, through an audience-led vote; as a new addition to this year’s competition, the Public Vote provides a unique opportunity for one finalist to win an additional DKK 50.000 to support and enhance their business endeavours.

“I’m honoured to be a member of the jury for this Prize and have been greatly impressed by all the entries. Designers make us feel beautiful but can also make us feel good. They have a powerful influence but also the responsibility to de- sign for the benefit of our precious world and people. With such a high standard, selecting a winner was not an easy task, but A. Roege Hove’s level of creativity and mindfulness of sustainability was outstanding.” – Federica Marchionni, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda

With a grand prize of DKK 300.000, Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize is Denmark’s largest design award. A prize of this size is a strong starting point for a newly established brand but for 2021, the Wessel & Vett Foundation also organ- ised a mentoring partnership for each finalist, guided by a selected jury, to support their future endeavours.

“I am delighted that the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize has returned this year to our usual format after a difficult time for everyone. Once again, we meet together, finalists and jury, under one roof at the beautiful Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Fashion thrives on human connection, coming together and exchanging ideas. During the pandemic I was concerned how young designers would weather the crisis, with so much uncertainty and instability at such a critical stage in their careers. However, I’ve been amazed by the entries this year by their quality and calibre. For me, it has felt like one of the strongest competitions ever. I’m thrilled for A. Roege Hove. As always there was a healthy and robust debate in the jury room. However, everyone was unanimous that A. Roege Hove stood out with the originality of her design, a genuine drive to succeed in business and a commitment to sustain- ability. It fills me with enormous hope to see how young designers instinctively seize an opportunity to contribute to change” – Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, Founder of the prize and board member of Wessel & Vetts Foundation.

Introducing the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize finalists

Introducing the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize finalists