Name: Adrian Sølberg
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: Self-taught        
Have your always wanted to design clothes? 
“For ten years I’ve been into fashion one way or another. Designing clothes happened as a sort of experiment, but turned out to be a foundation for a fashion label.”

What inspired the collection?
“The most recent collection was inspired by uniforms, but in a way British punks would wear it or like rebellious youth movements like anti-Vietnam War protesters in America. Uniforms are not only for authorities.”


Who do you imagine wearing your clothes? 
“A lot of different people wear Randy. It’s about an attitude that appeals to alternative people with a personal style – less trend orientated. I see my work as evergreen.”


Who inspires you? 
“My main inspiration comes from music – Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. They can do (and wear) anything with their attitude. Also my friends.”


Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with? 
“I’d love to do a pair of shoes with Church’s.”
What are you working on right now?
“I am currently working on a new collection that goes in a more formal direction. Also Randy has recently collaborated with bands and artists on exhibitions and different video projects. I think it’s interesting using clothing more widely than only in a fashion context.