The mfpen brand journey began with Sigurd Bank's search for a silhouette he didn't see anywhere in contemporary Danish menswear. Educated in fashion with expertise in sourcing and production, he created his own; initially just a few items – a pair of trousers and a coat. Now, he has a full collection with a solid brand identity.


What production qualities are found in your designs?

High quality with a relaxed and updated fit with attention to detail. Focusing on woven garments such a trousers and coats, mfpen products are made in family-owned factories across Europe. With most garments based on traditional tailoring, the quality of production is extremely important. Behind the items' apparent minimalism lies thorough attention to fabrication and detail.


What person, historic or living, would you like to see in your collection?

Christopher Lambert in the movie "Subway" from 1985.


What is the most important knowledge you have gained as a designer so far?

The longer I stay in this field, with fast fashion and over-consumption, I see the importance of  moving my production and thinking towards a more cyclic mode. Much can be improved about the way we use resources today, and every season I try to learn and do better in this aspect of my business.

How do you consider sustainability in your collections?

To me, sustainability is not only about using organic cotton. I have to carefully consider the context in which I am producing. I strive to use as much deadstock fabric as possible. When occasionally buying new fabrics, I always do so through textile suppliers making BCI and GOTS certified organic cotton, or tencel, lenzing, and recycled fibres.