Winner of magasin du nord fashion prize 2017:



Name: Lærke Andersen
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: Central Saint Martins, London


Have you always wanted to design clothes?
“After working experimentally and artistically with design, I finally realised that the dream of doing my own brand was there all along, and it was pulling me in! But for some reason I had this major fear. Which meant that 12 years – and a BA and a Masters – passed before I felt the timing and courage to actually take the jump.”


Who do you imagine wearing your clothes?
“My brand is seeking to erase boundaries between function and luxury, feminine and masculine. So even though I make womenswear, I love to see guys wearing my designs. And I love to see women dare to wear more masculine silhouettes. Basically the meeting of more masculine silhouettes found in uniform clothing, with the silhouette of the female body, creates a tension which is key to my work within fashion.” 


Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with? 
“Office, the NYC based magazine… The rapper and feminist Silvana Imam… Oline Marie Andersen, a newly graduated furniture designer and friend of the studio… Nick Night… Bart Hess, the artist and designer.… Carhartt, their workwear history is perfect for my approach to fashionOh yeah and NASA.


What are you working on right now?
“At the moment we are finishing the Spring/Summer 2018 collection and are in the middle of planning the campaign shoot together with photographer Polina Vinogradova. In September we will be having a presentation in New York showcasing the AW17 collection.”


Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?
“World domination! Joking aside, as long as I can keep doing what I love and be free to call the creative shots in a company, and have a work crew around me that believes in the same course – then I know I have achieved the dream scenario!”