Emilie Helmstedt began her design career in front of the television, where she spent childhood days recreating Spice Girls' outfits using herself as a model. Today, her vibrant design universe is inspired by her grandmother's style of the '50s and '60s.


What person, historic or living, would you like to see in your collection?

My grandmother. She was a hat maker and had the most wonderful workshop at home. I have inherited a lot of clothes that she made herself. I'd like to give her the same experience with the items I have sewn now. I often think about her in the things I do, so she has had a great influence.


What production qualities are found in your designs?

I have constructed the entire collection myself and stitched the samples together – and then finished it from beginning to end, of course with the help of my team. I make my own textiles. It's important to me that it is obvious that it has passed through my hands. I appreciate the analogue and the human, the living and playful.


How do you consider sustainability in your collections?

I try to create value in my products that makes people want to care for them and continue to use them. The entire set of my last show was made from recycled materials. It's liberating and cool to utilise what's at hand and make the best of it. This is definitely a method I'd like to pursue.