heliot emil

Brothers Julius and Victor Juul use their mountaineering-esque Heliot Emil brand to promote a fresh, technical aesthetic. Before launching their venture, creative director Julius spent time in New York working with a handful of top labels; meanwhile, Victor studied economics and business administration. Now, they have pooled their talents and are on track to breathe new life into Danish streetwear.


What convinced you to start your own brand?

We both had an interest in the fashion industry from a young age. With Julius' previous experience with other brands, and Victor's administrative and start-up skills, it seemed like a natural development to focus our creative energy on fulfilling our own ideas.


What is your place in the fashion world – how do you stand out from the crowd?

We view the brand as something more than a product. It's very important to us that the identity and aesthetic of HELIOT EMIL shines through in everything that we do. Everything from our collections to the administrative invoices are streamlined to underline our identity.


What characterises your products?

Our brand identity is based on exploring the lines between form and function driven by experimental approaches, with carefully developed custom fabrics, hardware trimmings, and materials. Each detail is ideated from the bottom up with form and function in mind.

What person, historic or living, would you like to see in your collection?

Since the current SS20 collection is inspired by the works of Richard Serra, it would be amazing to see the man himself value it.


How do you consider sustainability in your collections?

With our experimentation in functionality, multiple styles in each collection serve several styling options. This allows for a longer life span for each garment in terms of usability for the customer, thus decreasing the waste associated with overconsumption and overproduction.