Mette Fredin and Melissa Bech are behind the Blanche brand, representing a timeless approach to women's style using quality materials like denim, wool, and leather. One aspect recurs in all their three clothing lines: clean silhouettes and uncomplicated colour palettes appealing to women of all ages.


What is your place in the fashion world – how do you stand out from the crowd?
Firstly, we have built our brand on sustainability from the outset. Before we even launched Blanche, we made a CSR strategy, a chemical report, and list of certifications we work within. On the branding side we stand apart by not spending on product placement or paying anyone to wear our clothes. The women on our social media wear Blanche becuase they like it.


What production qualities are found in your designs, and what characterises your products?
Our designs have a simple and timeless DNA, always with an edge or twist. Consistent and monochrome designs stand strong – some may call them updated everyday classics. We try to create lasting designs that can be used across several seasons and mixed across our collections.


What is the most important knowledge you have gained as a brand so far?
Believing in our gut feeling and continue to fight for a more sustainable future. And that with dedication and hard work you can go far.