All at sea


Names: Benjamin Isak Schlifer Monrad and Christian Reese
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Education: Benjamin: The Royal Danish Academy of Design. Christian: Economics and Finance at the University of Copenhagen 

Have you always wanted to design clothes?
“We have been friends for more than 15 years and early on in our friendship we started talking about creating a fashion brand. Our educations took us in different directions doing economics and exhibition architecture, but in the end we caved in, combined our different skills, and founded All at Sea.

What inspired the collection?
“Our Spring/Summer 18 collection is inspired by the clash between traditional Japanese culture, – like Noh theatre masks, cranes in old wood cuts and traditional Japanese patterns – and the garish-intense colours of the modern Japan that I experienced when I lived Jūsō, the red light district in Osaka.

Who do you imagine wearing your clothes?
“Anyone who isn’t afraid of colours and prints – and who loves silk of course.”

Who inspires you?
“My grandmother. She is 90-years-old, always wears bright colours and drinks a bottle of red every evening.”
Benjamin: “She’s an impossible flirt.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
“If we could pick anyone, living or dead, we would unpack our Ouija board and contact the artist Wassily Kandinsky. His compositions and colour theories are a continuing source of inspiration.”
Where do you see yourselves in ten years’ time?
“We hope to have grown organically and to hold a significant position in the industry… But time will tell.”